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Apply Scales, Arpeggios and Licks to develop tasteful solos over any chord progression.

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About Me

I spent the last two decades teaching guitar to 200+ people, and helping them accomplish their goals to master the fundamentals, play songs, and improvise. Then, in 2022, I decided to focus on creating content online and share my lessons to the broader community.

“Kaz has transformed my guitar playing and I feel that I have reached a whole other level of creativity. Before the lessons, I knew little to nothing about music theory while only being able to play a couple of chords. Now I am more confident about coming up with guitar parts and playing comfortably with my band in front of an audience.”

– Peter K.

I am a physician in a well renowned hospital, so I work with excellent teachers and mentors daily. In terms of teaching skills, Kaz is top notch. He perfectly blends didactic lessons but identifies when its time to let go of the lesson and just have some fun. This unique mixture creates an outstanding learning environment. I am in my mid 30s and started guitar for the first time with Kaz, and I have noticed a tremendous improvement despite starting so late in life. I recommend him 1 million%!

– Omar K.


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